2024 Ransomware Emergency Kit

Ransomware targets entire organizations with the goal of stopping business. The average ransomware payment in Q4 2023 was $570,000, with the highest reaching an astronomical $80 million 

Ensure your organization knows what to look for, how to prevent ransomware, and what to do when under attack. 

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2024 Ransomware Emergency Kit

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A ransomware cheat sheet for active attacks

The average time it takes a business to fully recover

287 DAYS

A Ransomware Cheat Sheet for Active Attacks

Understanding the Threat

What's inside the kit?

Anatomy of a Ransomware Attack

Should You Pay the Ransom?

Ransomware Prevention Checklist

10-Step Ransomware Recovery Plan

The average cost of a ransomware attack, excluding the ransom


The largest confirmed ransomware demand in 2023