2024 ThreatDown State of Malware

The 2024 ThreatDown State of Malware report is a comprehensive analysis of six pressing cyberthreats— including CL0P, Living Off The Land (LOTL) attacks, malvertising, and Big Game ransomware— and outlines the proactive measures IT and security teams can take to safeguard their organizations.

Cybercriminals are rewriting the playbook. Are you keeping up?

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2024 ThreatDown State of Malware

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About the report:

Businesses need to prepare for cyberthreats—not just malware

Key findings

Ransomware is now a zero-day threat

Threat actors are avoiding detection via ‘fly under the radar’ tactics

Macros are being replaced by malvertising

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6 Critical Cyberthreats and How To Counter Them

Criminals are targeting Macs more than ever

A new threat prevention playbook is needed

What you'll learn

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This year’s State of Malware report looks at six threats that deserve your full attention at the start of 2024.

IT and security teams now face “Living Off the Land” (LOTL) attacks, malvertising, zero-day ransomware, and a range of other cyberthreats that don’t meet the traditional definition of malware.

Readers will explore the diversity and seriousness of the dangers businesses face, and discover the techniques and technologies to stop them.

Understand why Living Off The Land (LOTL) is such a difficult problem to solve and what is behind the recent boom in malvertising.

Discover why targeting Macs has become an easy choice for criminals and uncover the most dangerous threats for Mac, Windows and Android.

Gain the insights and tactics your resource-constrained IT team need to protect your organization in the year ahead.

Learn how CL0P is rewriting the ransomware playbook and why Big Game ransomware remains the most serious threat.

Increase in known ransomware attacks in 2023.

Amazon was the most impersonated brand in 2023.

The largest known ransomware demand in 2023.