The Cost of Complexity

Security stack complexity is a serious issue for hard-pressed IT teams, wasting precious time and worsening overall security outcomes. 

64% of IT teams believe the harder a security solution is to use, the less likely it is to be effective. No wonder that 89% say ease of use is a significant consideration when buying security software.

How does your security stack...stack up?

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The Cost of Complexity

7 Ways to Improve Security by 
Doing Less, Not More

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About the eBook:

Organizations with fewer than 1,000 employees have on average 450 devices to maintain and just three IT staff

Key findings

68% of IT staff say managing limited time and resources is their biggest challenge

IT staff lose an average of one day a week to unnecessary complexity

78% of IT staff believe that the more complex their IT environment is, the harder it is to secure

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The Cost of Complexity pulls back the curtain on the burden of complex security stacks on organizations and IT teams.

Readers will learn about the effects of "big game" ransomware on the cybersecurity landscape, and the importance of prioritizing their IT team's limited time with simpler security stacks and vetting legacy security protocols.

Why complexity is detrimental to an organization's posture

How security stacks have become so complex

7 tips to decrease complexity and increase security

How ease of use can help alleviate the burden

Increase in known ransomware attacks in 2023.

Amazon was the most impersonated brand in 2023.

The largest known ransomware demand in 2023.

7 Ways to Improve Security by

Doing Less, Not More