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3 Key Trends

in Ransomware

State of Malware in Education


With a 92% increase in ransomware attacks in K-12 schools and a 70% increase in attacks on Higher Education, educational institutions are in the sights of global ransomware gangs. 

Understanding the top 3 trends in ransomware and how to combat them is the best preparation for future attacks.

Learn from Cybersecurity Evangelist, Mark Stockley, as he discusses the top trends in ransomware for K-12 schools and Higher Education, and why organizations need to change their mindset to think about cyberthreats and not just malware.

Why ransomware loves education

About the webinar

How CL0P rewrote the ransomware playbook

How Living Off the Land will change how you think about cyber-defense

How criminals have changed their malware distribution tactics

Key takeaways include

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Mark Stockley,
Cybersecurity Evangelist

Mark Stockley is a security evangelist with 20 years in the computer security industry. His passion is to make complex technical concepts interesting and easy to understand—something he has attempted to varying levels of success in original security research, countless written articles, and hundreds of podcast episodes, videos and webinars.

Mark works with the Malwarebytes content and Threat Intelligence teams to spread the word about the latest threats and consequential developments in the field of computer security.

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3 Key Trends 
in Ransomware